Business Governance and Transactions


David W. Meyer provides outside general counsel services to for-profit businesses and nonprofit entities seeking auxiliary resources upon business transaction and real property matters including:


  • Contract and loan/credit facility document preparation or review
    • Tip: Verifying the authority of persons within the organization to act on its behalf, memorializing the company’s major business decisions, and complying with voting or other procedural requirements can be essential to preserving the validity of a business deal
  • Corporate governing document supplementation 
    • Tip: A company’s ability to obtain financing or insurance, close a transaction, or manage an audit may depend on the accuracy and completeness of its governing documents–its bylaws, operating agreements, shareholder records
  • Merger, conversion, and dissolution of entities
    • Tip: Planning in advance is key to a successful transaction 
  • Addressing or planning for government agency audits
    • Tip: The law requires certain records of the company to be available for public agencies, and penalties can be incurred by companies that fail to keep the required records. Preventing the adverse consequences of incomplete or out of date records is usually less costly than failing an audit
  • Contemporary industry services
    • Tip: SaaS service agreements, Cannabis Industry transactions, Language interpreter referral agency services, and solar/alternative energy contracts require nontraditional perspectives